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€ 3.000 - 5.500
Take Salesforce low code to dizzying heights

We know you’re in demand. And we understand that luring you to come on board is a challenge on-par with fighting The Asylum Demon. Or explaining to non-techies why


if(a == 0){

a = 0;

is kinda funny. But hey, we love a good challenge, so here goes. Because our current Salesforce Developers are sick and tired of being called the fab four, and we think we can offer a few things you won’t find elsewhere. Like end-to-end enterprise projects that impact thousands of users and millions of customers. And developing for a whole range of industry verticals. Plus all the benefits you associate with a global (270k colleagues) player that acts like a scale-up on steroids. We’re alarmingly informal and employee centric. Pinky promise.Why switch to Capgemini?For the above reasons and more, including our active community: 55+ Salesforce professionals who have elevated their skills to an art form and share like the Kardashians. We are part of the Salesforce European Center of Excellence after all. So, yes, we love to add your expertise to the mix. And look forward to reciprocating in full.What will you do as Salesforce Developer?
  • Take on end-to-end projects for large clients
  • Utilize your Apex, Lightning Web Component (LWC) and Lightning Aura Component skills to the fullest, producing clean code that makes Salesforce take a deep bow
  • Liaise with team members, including consultants and solution designers, who feed you bite-size user stories. If they don’t, feel free to bite back.
  • Think out-of-the-box and experiment with pioneering solutions that either raise the bar in production or (yes, you test your solutions first) crash and gloriously burn on their way to /dev/null
  • You will mostly (about 75% of your time) build and deploy code, but – being commendably lazy – go for point & click solutions whenever possible

As Salesforce Developer you are a welcome addition to a Salesforce community of 55+ souls that build and deploy Salesforce solutions for a myriad of customers, ranging from non-profits to banks, and from governments to lingerie brands. That means each project is as unique as a Fallout 4 character, so that ‘same old, same old’ feeling won’t happen here. What makes this role extra interesting, is our adoption of industry verticals, like education, factoring and retail. The role comes with (and requires) a lot of ownership, and you are basically free to work from wherever you want, provided you pick a galaxy with internet. As for our way of working: we cherish the SAFe approach. So step onto the Agile Release Train with us and take low code to dizzying heights!

What you need to know/want/have accomplished as Salesforce Developer
  • You may or may not have a relevant Bachelors – we value skills above education
  • You either bring a solid (3+ years) Salesforce track record to the table...
  • Or you make up for less Salesforce experience with amazing Java or ECMAScript skills
  • You are fluent in Apex, Lightning Web Component (LWC) and Lightning Aura Component languages. We’ll unlock a bonus level if you know (some) Visualforce as well.
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1 is a must. Anything above is welcome, especially if you’re well on your way to obtaining JavaScript Developer 1 or PD2
  • You enjoy bouncing ideas off your development peers and look forward to elevating our standards and community
  • You are a ‘developer’s developer’ with a ravenous hunger for knowledge – if there are new tricks or tools to be learned, you’re on them (woof!)
  • You write a script if you have to do a manual task more than once
  • Experience with the SAFe philosophy isn’t a must, but it should at least feature high on your bucket list
Why chose Capgemini?
  • Because you want to contribute to impactful projects for Fortune 500 companies
  • Because you’re looking for an organization that’s committed to sustainability
  • Because you want to be part of an active Salesforce community of 55+ colleagues that share insights and experiences non-stop
  • Because we reward your enthusiasm with a competitive salary, vacation pay and a mobility flex budget
  • Because we don’t believe in education budgets or reimbursements: welcome to the All-Free-All-You-Can-Train Academy!
  • Because you share our passion for creative work and get a kick out of complexity
  • Because you want to contribute to our Salesforce European Center of Excellence




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